The JUVÉDERM® lip collection:
two formulations for your unique needs

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC  and Ultra Plus XC adds more fullness and plumps thin lips—whether your lips have thinned over time or you simply want fuller lips.

Natural-looking lips that last!

Some people simply have naturally thin lips and just want to achieve a fuller appearance. Other people have noticed their lips thinning over time and may also have seen vertical lip lines become more noticeable. Whatever your unique needs are when it comes to your lips, the JUVÉDERM® collection may be able to help.

Both of these have been proven to possibly last up to 12 months. 

It is the first and only non-surgical hyaluronic acid (HA) filler FDA-approved to instantly smooth moderate to severe wrinkles around your nose and mouth region for up to one year with optimal treatment. In the body, hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen and elastin fibers of the skin. It is present in all living cells, attracting and binding water, hydrating and giving the skin smoothness and volume. As the body ages, the ability of the body’s cells to manufacture its own hyaluronic acid diminishes, resulting in the loss of skin volume, which produces folds and wrinkles.

The combination of the higher concentration of hyaluronic acid and the smoothening formulation of it’s composition make JUVÉDERM® a long-lasting facial restoring product. It produces more natural effects by subtly restoring the volume, while correcting the wrinkles, with little to no down time.  In addition, this product contains lidocaine for improved comfort for patients during treatment.

JUVÉDERM® is biosynthetic and of non-animal origins. Since it is not created from an animal source, there is little chance of allergic reaction.

The formula is highly biocompatible, and no allergy testing is required prior to administration.

It has been proven to be safe and effective for skin of all types and ethnicities!

JUVÉDERM® significantly decreases recovery time in comparison to other hyaluronic fillers, because this product is gradually absorbed naturally into the body. Why? Because your skin is as individual as you are!


JUVÉDERM® status is now Platinum Plus at Skin – Trust an Expert

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