Sometimes we all feel like were being pulled in 100 different directions. At least I know I do. Everyday we wake up and the tasks we fell asleep thinking about are still on our minds and closer than they were when we closed our eyes. What do you do and how do you handle it? Maybe the way you handle it is making a list and crossing tasks off as you go, or maybe its just doing the hardest task first to get it over with. Or maybe you are like me and put it off until the last-minute when you now have more on your mind, and heavier burdens to carry because you waited so long. Is there ever a logical way to handle everything on your task list? I don’t think so, but maybe we could try.

There are so many different types of clients that walk through our doors everyday, with every kind of story, and every kind of personality. They all bring something different to the world and they all have their different strings pulling at them to get their list of 100 done. There are military men in uniform making time for themselves to take care of their skin from the months on end they stay living on a ship. There are older women, with more wisdom and knowledge that I could put down in words. There are politicians, and court judges, with thoughts about a ruling that could send someone away for the rest of their life. There are super moms with children glued to their hips with travel snacks and soccer balls. There are musicians and recording artists that put their passion into lyrics and music videos, changing the world with their thoughts. There are professors, and students, and entrepreneurs. There are business owners, and entertainers, and bartenders. Cancer survivors, and people living HIV positive.

We all have things to do, we all have stories, and worries and people to take care of. Just know you aren’t alone and there are so many people out there waking up with worries. Trust yourself to take the wheel and prioritize. Choose which tasks you think are urgent, and put them at the top of your list. Don’t look at everything in such a big picture, look at it in little pieces. There doesn’t have to be bad days when you have to run around doing errands to get everything done to feel complete. Figure out a way to do it where you can enjoy it at the same time. You will start to believe in yourself when your lists get shorter. Exercise your decision-making for yourself, instead of for the rest of the world. If you like music, put your headphones in. Listen to only happy songs, don’t bring yourself down to a level you don’t enjoy…stay up. If you like talking on the phone, then dial-up an old friend and talk about the positive things going on in your life not the negative. Take yourself out to lunch and make you your priority as well… don’t forget that part it’s important. You are the only one you have, you are an urgent priority so start adding YOU to the top of your task list and maybe then our lives will seem easier when we wake up everyday.


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