This week was a very eye-opening week for us here at Skin. There are so many lessons to be learned through the many different people who walk through our doors. This week I was blessed with the return of my Father from being overseas for 10 years and counting. Yes he gets to come home probably once every year, and this week was that week. Whenever he comes home I like to update him with what we’re doing and how my job is going. He wanted to know how we were doing for the holidays coming up, and if people are “spending money on their faces.” Well it got me thinking…if he is thinking this, then maybe other people are too, so let me clear this up.

This place is not only a place to “make your face pretty.” This isn’t a spa with fluff, or a place that puts cucumbers on your eyes, we are very different.  Inside these doors are people who care, people who want to change, and people who want to transform their everyday outlook on life by taking control of their lives, which ironically starts with skin care.

I have heard every excuse in the book on why a person doesn’t think it’s important to spend money on themselves, but guess what, sometimes you have to!  Yes, this seems like a vain place to go when you talk about it on paper, but I wanted to make it clear that probably half of the clients that come through these doors are here for a specific reason, and the reason is almost never for self-indulgent purposes.

When you hear the words Botox, or Juvederm, you might think first…wrinkles. Second might be self-absorbed people with extravagant lifestyles, and third money. Well let me tell you the truth behind these words.

I don’t know about other places, but I can vouch for us here at Skin, that these treatments change lives! When I see Botox on the schedule, I know this  person is coming in to better themselves, not to look better, but to match the way they feel on the inside, to the way they look on the outside.

 I think of our friend traveling from the Ukraine, who came in on his first day, shy, timid, and unable to look up from his paperwork because he was so self-conscious about the Paralysis that left half of his face unable to move. I think of him now, smiling, happy, and sending us updates every couple of months to let us know that his life is no longer filled with shame or embarrassment from the looks he gets in line at the grocery store. All from the loving tender care that Peggy was able provide using her Injectables.

I think of our beautiful red-head who at the age of 17 got in a car accident that left nerve damage, that would forever give her (what she calls) “her snarl.” I think of her coming out of the room with Peggy, turning her snarl into a smile instead.

I think of our world traveler who gets to enjoy calling himself a “fat guy,” because with the help of Peggy his face has the natural volume that being HIV positive took away from him.   

I think of the beautiful girl getting her scars removed  from a bad decision when she was in high school where she permanently carved ‘loser’ in her arm.  I see her recovering and laughing now at the mistakes she is now able to put behind her thanks to the treatment we provide her.

Not to mention the other thousands of clients that have turned their lives around from the beautiful skin they are able to walk around with because of the products we carry. This is a magical place, far from the usual. We can help, we can correct, and we can heal. We don’t want your money, we want your attention: YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Fight for yourself, while we fight for you. Not everybody has the money for things but start saving, and noticing what you are spending it on. Sometimes instead of buying that hat to cover your face, or sunglasses to cover your eyes, come here or do something with your money that would be worth it for you!

Food for Thought: Our company holiday party was going to be at a fancy restaurant, until we all decided with the amount of money we would have spent at that dinner, we would donate it instead. So this year instead of the fancy dinner for us, we are able to provide meals for 8,333 people whom would otherwise have to do without. 
Thanks to! Think about others this holiday season!

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