“The world really is bizarre. The innocent people? They’re not really that innocent. The guilty people, the offenders? They have stories that go deep into their souls. The bitches? Sometimes they’re not bitches, just be bitches in order to keep their wall up nice and solid. The people that you think that care more than anything? Sometimes they really don’t care at all. And the people that you think have no idea? They care the most. They understand. Because they’ve been there. Some may say people are just people, but people have lives, families, hopes, dreams, visions. Some people have holes in their heart, and you would never know it just by looking at them.”

This week I came across a person, who on the outside looks picture perfect, but on the inside, his heart was begging to be recreated. He was losing sight of what was possible because of one person in his past.

Three years ago a girl broke his heart. He had engagement rings picked out, a house, and even a wedding date, but he didn’t know that when he returned it all would be forgotten.

He was a Navy Seal, a strong beautiful man, and when he entered a room, all eyes were on him. He had been deployed overseas and been through the worst, but when he came back he knew he had what he wanted; Her.

Things were different though. She lost what she was building with him; she lost the sight of their future and what they had held onto for so long. She was constantly reminded that she was alone for those months and she couldn’t handle picturing the future without him in it. It was a sad conclusion, but she had learned what he brought to the table, and she only packaged it up and left it for leftovers.

This was the end of them, and he knew it. Years passed, and she still calls. She still calls hoping to reconnect with the person she fell in love with, but she knows she won’t ever see him again.

His heart was torn that day, but over the next three years, the tear was stretched and manipulated and now the reconstruction was up to the next girl.

He knew what heartbreak felt like, and the pain was easier to mask than it was to handle. He moved on, or at least he thought he did, until he ruined the one girl that could actually be perfect for him.

She was beautiful, graceful, and the sweetest girl that he had ever had a conversation with. She found enjoyment in the simple things. She could wake up at 2 a.m. get in the car, and handle any adventure he threw at her. She didn’t care about what was going on around them, and her focus was him. She was different. Her favorite thing was to lie on the roof, talk to the moon and picture her life with him, but he had other plans.

He was damaged from the last time and he didn’t know what to do. The only thing he knew was heartbreak, and the only way he knew how to get over that was to get under someone else. It was a scenario that happens way too often, and he knew it. The girl’s faces were beginning to all look the same, and he didn’t see it coming. His conversations were being doubled and mixed up as he forgot which girl he was talking to when he repeated the same lines that worked on the last girl. He had lost himself, and in the process these girls were losing themselves too. He didn’t know how much this one person affected him, until he himself was the one causing the affect in the others.

The truth finally came raining down on him, and it was worse than any mission he had seen overseas. Little did he know, that one person, that one girl, would change everything he had going for him.

She had her life together, she knew who she was and her family knew she would soar higher than any one of them ever did. She had her life straight and in-line until he came in and showed her what it was that a man can be capable of. Heartbreak. She couldn’t see what was happening right in front of her; he had promised her the world and his word, was her word. She believed him, and she didn’t know she wasn’t the only one hearing these same lines.

Today she is alone, and he too. He fell for someone, got his heartbroken and he came back for revenge. No matter whose heart it was, it would break because his did. The story ends up all too familiar. He lost her, he found another, and he tried to ruin her.

She found out the truth, and the truth was she had heard this story before and she knew how it ended. He was playing a game, and she realized she was losing, but what she didn’t know was she had just dodged the biggest bullet.

He wasn’t the one being adventurous, he wasn’t lying on the roof looking at the stars, and he wasn’t going about his day with the best attitude and confidence. He was broken, and was trying to make up for it while stringing along the others. She had already been complete before he came along, all he did was reassure her that the person she was all along, was someone she would never stop loving, and she didn’t need him to tell her that. He was the loser, and she was the winner. Heartbreak is a strange thing, but the most important lesson to learn is to never let your past affect your future.

The future for him looks dim, but for her, she learned. Don’t let the past overshadow the amazing person sitting right in front of you. Open your eyes, some people have holes in their heart, and you would never know it just by looking at them.


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