Try to think of a physical problem area of yours…now think of what your options would be to correct these areas. Maybe first you’re thinking going bigger upstairs, or cutting off your muffin tops, so to speak. Well I know you’ve probably heard this before but you really DON’T need surgical correction for any of these issues. Let me explain to you a little secret I have learned from all the different clients and the transformation of having good skin care can do for you.

First understand that you have emotions, and you also have needs. For every emotion you have felt, or if you are having it now, there is some sort of need that is clawing for you to notice it disguised by tears, and clenched fists.  Start noticing the pattern. First notice the thought that keeps reoccurring, notice the thought that gives you that anxiety, and realize that deep down there is a need for you to be focusing on, and that need is yourself.  

For an example, maybe the thought is “ugh this thing on my face will NOT go away and it is still here staring me in the face in the morning.” The emotions tied to this response will probably be anger, sadness, and a loss of self-esteem. Well I don’t like to call it self-esteem, so let’s refer to it as “having your own back.” So now the need for belonging, the need for acceptance, and the need of not feeling lonely is all clouding your mind like an open flood gate. Therefore, now you notice you no longer have your own back, and instead you are putting yourself away on a little shelf to feel these feelings and think these thoughts, all day, while you go out in the world and try to fix everything else around you.

So lesson here is, take care of yourself, put yourself first, have your own back sometimes. Don’t let everyone else tell you what you need to be feeling, or that you need reassurance from the rest of the world, because you don’t. All you need is yourself.

Realize that maybe the reason you want to go bigger upstairs could be from a different need you are ignoring, and the need is probably self-assurance. If you gave yourself an hour every single day to do what you want, to focus on yourself, and do something self-productive things will start changing around you. Take a bath; get a hair-cut, make an appointment for your skin (at skin, a medical spa J ) and maybe go buy some running shoes to start the one thing that is probably bothering you, your muffin tops. Take the time to run and listen to yourself, or walk and still listen to yourself. Notice the thoughts and the needs you are telling yourself, but ignoring on a daily basis because of the other obligations you are putting before yourself. Have your own back; you are the only one that will always be there for the rest of your life. What could go wrong with that?


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