Sometimes, life gets hectic. You get caught up in school or work or responsibilities and then when the chaos and business of your day is over and you sit down, sometimes you feel lonely. You may be worried about your future, or where you’ve been in your past, or the crazy rollercoaster your riding on with nothing to reassure you that your next destination will be an exceptional one. You are simply a passenger while life is the driver, in complete control of the wheel. However, just when this feeling starts to arise during that day or week of what I call chaotic reflection, a friend sends you a picture, or texts an “I miss you”, or asks you to write something for them when they have a broken arm because “no one can understand what we do like us”. This is the reminder that the universe has sent you that in fact, you are far from alone. When you forget the words to your song, a friend unexpectedly sings it for you, as if they knew you were in need of that simple reminder. If you are the one that needs that friend, be that friend to someone else. Send a sweet text wishing someone a great day, or call them just to say you saw something that reminded you of them and wanted to share the laugh or memory, send a picture of you and them from years ago to bring a smile into their day.

Karma is simply paying it forward; the act of it is not unbeknownst to the world. You never know what the simplest gesture can do for someone’s day; a simple outreach to a far away friend, someone you have not seen in a while, or even just your best friend you see everyday. This is the purpose of this entry; this is what my friend unknowingly did for me today. Just when I was starting to feel lost, confused, homesick, and uncertain of myself, she reminded me that our friendship is special, no matter how far we are or how long its been or how busy our days are, we will always have each other. I encourage you to please, pass this light on to someone tonight or tomorrow, bring a smile to their day or offer the simple reminder of the place they hold in your heart. Friendship is the platform upon which life builds experiences and treasures its memories. This rollercoaster you’re riding is not an aimless thrill of ups and downs. Life takes you where you are going because your friends will be there no matter where your final destination may be or which part of the ride you’re on. They will be there with you the entire ride, through the ups and the downs, and most of all, when you least expect it.

“You were the one who made things different, you were the one who took me in. You were the one thing I could count on, above all, you were my friend.”                      
  -Tom Petty

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