• Add volume back to sagging cheeks, elevate them and pull out the nasolabial folds and lift marionette lines.
  • Correct tear troughs, eyelid bags, or hollow areas under the eye area by injecting fillers that re-inflate the empty skin and mask the areas
  • Fix sagging jaw lines where the jowl appears.
  • Repair noses that have an unsightly bump or are especially upturned by using fillers that are injected to provide the underlying structure that nature did not, leaving a smooth and soft appearance.

Using fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic in the appropriate combination, the result can approach and even surpass surgical treatments.

Best of all, it can be accomplished in a little
over an hour and requires very minimal, if any, downtime.

A Fresh New Approach to Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation

As our medical technology advances, our life expectancy advances, as do our expectations. We demand more. Modern medicine has caught up with our demand and now we can look as good as we feel in just over an hour. You don’t need surgery, you don’t need a facelift or an eye lift, or to spend tons of dollars on a one-time permanent procedure.

Words of Wisdom

Sometimes we need someone to tell us the right thing to do for ourselves, and sometimes we need someone to let us know how important we are. Well let me tell you now that you ARE important, and you have the power to decide what you want and don’t want when it comes to the way you look. Many people see ads distorting the beauty that we all weren’t all born with, and with that needs a hair stylist, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a make-up artist, a personal stylist, and sometimes even a nanny and a house cleaner to really look like the pictures in the magazines. Almost half of the ads you see are photo-shopped, and for a reason. To sell the idea that the wrinkle cream you are buying, and the make up you are caking on will make you look just like the picture. Well let me tell you, YOU are beautiful, and YOU can use the right products and the right treatment that will give you the enhanced you, not the fake you.

You are intelligent, powerful, and strong.
Our appearance is personal and private yet,
it also gives us confidence and empowers us throughout our daily lives.

Let’s face it– we all want to look as good as we feel.